A wide range of workshops are regularly conducted by Rocheti. Our training & workshops cover diverse topics, such as leadership development, functional skill building, structured problem solving and so on. At our workshops, we concentrate on the key responsibilities and priorities of people, as well as productivity and progress. By attending our workshops, small business owners and entrepreneurs will be able to enhance their knowledge and skills to retain existing business and get more business.

We Offer Training to Make Businesses Owners More Efficient 

We conduct training sessions with the aim to teach and augment various skill sets required to run a business successfully. Irrespective of what your role is in the company, you can benefit from our hands-on training programmes. With our help, you will be able to become more effective in carrying out your immediate functions and also have time to devote to other requirements of your business. 


Our Workshops are Conducted and Run by Industry Experts

At Rocheti, we are dedicated to organising workshops that offer value for time and money. Each of our training & workshops are run by highly-experienced and skilled professionals. Our team of experts holds great expertise in specific fields of business and they will eagerly help you to acquire the knowledge that you need. 


We Run Seminars to Empower Entrepreneurs

Rocheti runs special seminars for entrepreneurs. Through seminars, we aim to pass along information to budding business moguls. Check out our list of upcoming seminars and sign up for the one that is of interest to you. Also, our workshops and seminars are a great way to share ideas and sharpen your networking skills. 

If you need any more information about our training & workshops, feel free to get in touch.