3 Tips for Naming Your Business

So, you’ve got this brilliant idea for your startup. It’s your brainchild that you want to see succeed. You can’t wait and go for crowd funding, or other methods of investment.

But, wait there’s a slight hindrance. Who’s going to think up that killer name for you that you can base your brand on? Believe it or not, your startup’s name has an important role to play in setting the first impression. It’s almost a make or break.

Use these three tips below to finalise the killer name you want for your startup.

Avoid Names that Are Too Narrow - As much as you would want your startup’s name to showcase what you do, you really shouldn’t narrow it down and make it too specific. Let’s say you name your business ‘iPhone Accessories’ and want to expand your business horizons later down the line; you’ll obviously have to change the name.

This also applies to including your geographic location in your startup’s name. You may want to expand and offer your services in other areas, and the name may then serve as a hindrance. Avoid such scenarios by going for a catchy but slightly general name relevant to your industry.

Make it Catchy - Simple is boring. Make your brand’s name as catchy as you can. In a world full of brands, you somehow need to differentiate yourself. Make your name that differentiating factor. There is no tool to assess how catchy your startup’s name is, which is why you’ll have to trust your gut and our next tip here.

Say It Out Loud and Ask for Feedback - Okay, so you have shortlisted a couple of names. How do you finalise them? For starters, say the name out loud. It should come out smoothly. It should evoke whatever emotions you want people to have about your brand. It should sound like the magic you expect from your brand.

If you’re still not sure, then look for feedback elsewhere. Ask your friends, or even complete strangers, for feedback. Don’t take anything less than ‘excellent’ as a fair response. No, your name doesn’t have to be fair, okay, good or workable. It has to be excellent. Anything less than that wouldn’t do your startup justice!

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