Find Out Alternative Funding Options for Your Startup

Are you thinking of starting a business? Along with the tedious task of satisfying all the legal requirements of incorporation, you also need to put considerable effort in raising funds. Without funds for starting and operating your business, your brilliant idea will only remain an idea. At Rocheti, we offer funding guidance to startups and small businesses to make sure that they have access to proper financing options.

As a startup, you might find it difficult to get traditional business loans and grants. For you, we have rounded up some alternative funding options. Take a look.

# Equity crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an alternative form of business funding where you make use of a crowdfunding platform to raise capital in exchange for selling equity. There are several online crowdfunding websites that allows the public to purchase equity in your business. Raising funds through crowdfunding is especially effective if you have a set project that you would like to develop. Avail our funding guidance service to know exactly how this works and which online platforms are genuine.

# Peer to peer lending

At Rocheti, we believe that the peer to peer lending industry is booming because it is a great way for both individuals and businesses to borrow the money that they require. The rate of interest in this form of lending is often a lot less than traditional banks.

# Seed funding

Invest with seed firms, also known as incubators during the early stages of your startup, preferably when the business is still an idea. With time, you will be able to raise substantial funds for market research and development.

Rocheti’s funding guidance services will help you to find out which alternative funding option is the best solution for your startup. Get in touch, today!

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