Innovate & Grow - Business Workshop

How two start a business;

This workshop is designed to provide you with the education and information on various support you may need to grow, run and manage your business successfully. We will take you through all the important processes. We will show you which market research information to use and how to use those findings to make better business decisions. We will also take you step by step from defining your product or service and identifying your customers, to planning how to win and keep your customers.

Franchise Opportunities;

You will learn from Expert Trainers who have over 30 years experience on how to deliver profits for Franchisees. You will be provided with useful guide and advice on Franchise Opportunities. We will also discuss the benefits of setting up and growing  a Franchise over starting your own business from scratch as well as how to Franchise your own business.

Joint Ventures;

You will learn how to; "practice" joint venturing before approaching more influential partners , how to find people at a similar level to you making it mutually beneficial to partner together, how to find and effectively connect with influencers, how to best organise your business contact list, how to get someone's values and decision-process before committing to a joint venture with them, the different types of Joint Ventures, how to network  and to create a rhythm of keeping in touch.

Loans & Deals/Alternative Funding;

Our advice team who know the financial landscape inside out, will share some useful financial information to ensure you're not missing out on possible routes to finance. We will show you how to access our nationally recognised funding tool to enable you to see what external funding is available for your business. We will discuss a range of grants and other funding streams available to assist with financial implications of starting up a business.


Who Is the Workshop For?

  • Aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs.

  • Individuals looking to switch careers or build new skills