Running your own business can be a stressful experience and it often does not leave a lot of time to plan or think. Even the most successful entrepreneurs do not feel in control sometimes. This is where Rocheti’s coaching & mentoring services come into play. We can help you work out how to effectively run your business to achieve the results that you want.

We Work with a Team of Highly-experienced Mentors 

At Rocheti, we have a team of business mentors and coaches who have the experience and skills required to help newly emerging or small businesses. They have diverse backgrounds and have either worked in an organisation or owned their own small business. They are very passionate about the role that small businesses play in the economy and carry out their mentoring work with complete conviction. 


Our Coaching Methodology Has a Balanced and Hands-on Approach

Our comprehensive coaching & mentoring service is beneficial to help entrepreneurs and small business owners stick to their goals. We arrange regular meetings with business owners to understand their business, their objectives and whether they are on track. The solutions we provide are aligned with the specific requirements of our mentees. We have a long track record of supporting and assisting businesses in making plans and achieving their targets. All aspects of business including finances, people, marketing, customers and more are addressed and discussed. 

At Rocheti, we provide flexible coaching & mentoring services to help small businesses and startup companies handle their key issues and challenges. Get in touch with us to find out how choosing us as your mentor can benefit your business.