At Rocheti, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs and new emerging businesses innovate and grow. We offer customised solutions with personalised support to businesses planning to expand. From identifying appropriate funding streams to developing business proposals, we help both established and struggling businesses get off the ground. By engaging us, you will also be benefiting from our mentorship programs, workshops and manpower services. Our team of professionals can also help fulfil your digital & print branding and marketing requirements.

Our Mission

Entrepreneurs and small businesses often lack the resources, skills and tools necessary to compete with their competitors. We want to change that. It is our mission to make it easier for startups and struggling business owners to have a strong foothold in their niche industry. From securing funds to creating a business plan and helping business owners understand the legal commitments, we aim to support small businesses at every step of the way. At Rocheti, we have also made it our mission to help businesses with their offline and online marketing needs.

Why Choose Rocheti to Grow Your Business?

  • We provide complete solutions needed for you to grow your business. Our services include arranging funds, drafting business proposals, managing public relations and providing skilled administration staff at affordable rates. 

  • Our professionals are adept at developing brand identity strategies to help you connect with your target market. 

  • We work with skilled designers who have years of experience in designing striking websites, logos, business letterheads, brochures and all related design and marketing peripherals. 

  • Our services can be fully tailored to meet specific business needs, objectives and budget.


So, boost your business with Rocheti. Allow our expert professionals to take the hassle out of running and expanding your business.